Excel vba save as pdf filename from cell

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Excel vba save as pdf filename from cell
6/12/2012 · Hi there, i want to make a save as macro the save file needs to have a pre set filename but it needs to include the weeknumber from a cell in the cell i use a …
VBA – A button to save filename of a document to a cell Ask a question. Issue; Solution; Issue I need to create a button that saves a modified document as a number in a particular cell (e.g in A6).
11/12/2014 · Hello All, I am fairly new to macros , and I am working on a project for work and would really appreciate any guidance. I am trying to create a new folder and PDF of the active sheet using specified cells for both the file name and folder name. My goal is that it would create the folder from the value in a given cell, and save the active sheet
27/12/2013 · Using a Macro to create a file name from a cell value in a worksheet I have a spreadsheet that includes a macro which saves a named print range as a pdf file. When the macro is launched it opens a “Save as” dialogue box to allow the user to add a file path and name.
Bill Jelen is the author / co-author of Excel Dynamic Arrays Straight to the Point. The new Dynamic Array Functions are just one side-effect of an effort to completely rewrite the Calculation Engine in Excel.
10/08/2012 · I have the following code on a macro, which saves sets the print area, saves as PDF and sets the filename to the value in F4.
21/02/2013 · I pulled some good info from some other posts to get me to a certain level but have hit a road block. I am pasting data into a template, formating all the data w/ a macro (got that one running good) Then I am pulling one pc of the pasted data to generate a file name by extracting part of a cell and contencating it with some other fixted
17/11/2012 · Using VBA to automatically save the file name from the worksheet cells. Hi Folks, I am after a way of saving the current worksheet (sheet2 Service Report) to a new book and using cells C16 (Customer Name) and F10 (Date) to automatically save as the file name.
9/01/2016 · Re: VBA Code/SaveAs PDF/With Today’s Date/In a Certain File Location Oh, I forgot to explain the why. What I am doing is separating the file path and the actual file name …
1/05/2009 · When you click File>Save As, you get a save as window that shows the current file name to “Save As” I would like to create a macro that shows the values in a couple of cells (lets use Range(“A1”) & Range(“B2”)) instead of the current file name.
Originally Posted in our Excel Help Forum. Got any Excel Questions? Free Excel Help. Saving Workbooks using VBA – 1 Zurich6 had created multiple new workbooks from a master workbook and now wanted to automate the “save as” process based on the cell “B1” in the new workbook.
29/01/2011 · I am using excel 2007 and using the save as pdf option. What I have is a worksheet with a button which just save the file as a pdf but it save the file with the file name.
This code created an unreadable workbook for me using Excel 2007. I found the problem was with “FileFormat:=xlNormal”. After changing this to “FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook”, the code now works correctly and creates an excel file that Excel can read.
15/01/2017 · Hi Mr. Excel, Below is a fantastic macro you shared with us to save the file name derived from a cell. Is it possible to save a file name derived from 3 cells, i.e. Cells A1, C5, D8?
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Saving an Excel Workbook/File as a Cell Text It’s quite common for Excel users to want to save their Excel file as a name that resides in Worksheet cell. The …
13/05/2016 · Need macro to save as pdf in specific folder with cell value and date. Can anyone help me with creating a macro that will save the worksheet as a pdf in a specific folder with the value of a cell and the date. This is what I have so far. ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=Range(“H10”).Value & Format(Date, “mmdd”) This saves it as the correct cell value + …
Maybe you’d like to change the filename to what you have in a cell value (A1 in our sample code here), topped off with the current date. Great for daily reports, saving for emails or passing workbook on for reviews. With this macro you can! Simply run the code (probably done best from a PERSONAL.XLS file as it’s ‘Global’ in Excel), from the macros Run screen or Assign to a button, shortcut key
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I have a macro that saves an Excel file to PDF, but I would like to insert the date within the saved file name based on a particular cell reference in the workbook in a “yyyy-mm-dd” date format.
12/09/2014 · This code is to save a xltm file as xlsm (to keep the macro’s in the file)
18/06/2015 · Excel vba code to save each page as a pdf file with filename from cell reference My task is to convert each page to PDF and the filename is from a cell reference within each page. It is cumbersome to rename each PDF file individually after I split the file in adobe.
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